Priority English Lesson Reservation Request

This is the priority lesson reservation request page.
These are the classes that you can request to reserve from this page.

  • English Private Lesson for International Guests (2 hours,4 hours)

Our cancellation policy

We operate with a small staff.
We are very happy to receive support from customers who want to try snowboarding for the first time and those who want to become better at snowboarding.
If there is a cancellation, not only will we be unable to make reservations for our valued customers, but we may also be unable to offer lessons and that customer may no longer be able to snowboard.
We would like as many customers as possible to take lessons at Zao Snowboard School.
In case of cancellation or tardiness, please contact us as soon as possible.
Even if you are making a reservation for the first time, Zao Snowboard School will welcome you as a valued customer.If you want to cancel a lesson you booked, contact us at least 2 days in advance.
For subsequent cancellations, you must pay the cancellation fee below.

< Cancellation charge >

For cancellations before 2 days: Free
Cancellation the day before: 50% of the your lesson fee
Cancellation on the day: 100% of the your lesson fee

If you arrive more than 10 minutes after the reception closes time, we will change the lesson content. Even if your lesson start late, end time will not be extended.
If there is no contact from you for more than 20 minutes from the reception closes time and there is no arrival, we will be regarded as unauthorized cancellation. 100% cancellation fee.
In that case, we may take lessons for other waiting customers.
Please be sure to contact us even if you are late.

Please check availability in this calendar before submitting your request.

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    a.m.p.m.1 day


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    If you choose "from hotel", write the hotel name on the form below.

    Please accept (check) the following our cancellation policy before submitting your request.