Snowboarding Level

Snowboarding Level list

Please tell us your snowboarding level when you make a reservation.
The target of our lesson.
Which level do you want to learn?

Lesson Contents Beginner Elementary Intermediate Expert
Get used to snow and tools
How to walking and skating
How to fall and stand
Go straight and stop
Side slip (heel side)
zigzag (heel slide)
Side slip (toe side)
One turn (toe to heel, heel to toe)
S turn (on the GREEN line slope)
Getting on and off a chair lift (put on one foot)
S turn (on the RED line slope)
Short turn
Carving turn
For badge test
Powder *1
Mogul slope *2
Zao all mountain tour guide *1

*1 Zao snow resort does not allow off-piste snowboarding. Lesson within the course.
*2 It may not be possible depending on the season. The best season is after mid-March.

Beginner or Elementary

At Zao Snowboard School, those who snowboard for the first time are called ”Beginner”.
Different from other schools.
If you have snowboarding for the second time or more, you are at the ”Elementary” level.